About Us

Hello! I’m Emily, a gifted holistic practitioner, certified meditation teacher, certified aromatherapist, certified reiki therapist and reiki master teacher, registered yoga teacher of kundalini and vinyasa, a harp therapist. I teach mediation, reiki,  breathing and yoga, and specialize in aromatherapy and essential oils. I understand how important it is to have the body, mind and spirit united as one. As a healer my intention is to awaken self-healing through the use of touch, sound, smell, breathing and movement to encourage better health and create a happier life. I look forward to connecting with you further and supporting you on your healing health journey. 

About Empechi,

I believe it’s never too late to succeed in anything you love. The driving purpose behind Empechi is to create a positive and natural change to live a healthier and happier life. Sharing our knowledge and experience in reiki, meditation, aromatherapy and yoga is sure to improve your well-being. The meaning behind the logo of the company is: Life moves in a circle, from birth to death to rebirth. This cycle is the creative process, and the passenger among us in this cycle is “chi,” which means energy. At Empechi, we believe this circle of life is meant to be enjoyed.  

I started to do Zen meditation back in my twenties and found out it was difficult and boring for me to just focus on breathing and practice thinking about not thinking which I didn’t understand. Needless to say the daily meditation didn’t last long.  After breaking up from a love relationship and the death of my father and life changes, worries, sadness, being hospitalized, car accident… I got really stuck, I didn’t know how to shift and release stress.  Luckily at a conference I was introduced to transcendental meditation(TM) by a friend and I started to meditate twice a day from 2014 and the meditation became part of my life and it opened me. I  felt something shift in my brain, it almost felt like a weight was being lifted as all my thoughts started slipping like sand in an hourglass, gently dissolving and falling away, the layers of stresses for years  had been shed.  I started to be interested in studying how meditation can bring me such joy and contentment, so I completed all advanced technical TM in three years, and went to different meditation retreats to experience and to learn. In 2018 I studied various meditations through the meditation learning center and in 2019 studied medical meditation which combines meditation and yoga through Kundalini research institute and got certified. With continue learning under some amazing and gifted teachers and uninterrupted daily meditation and yoga practice, I feel I am growing as a person day by day and am so much happier and healthier than before, and I started to think I am truly honored to be able to share what I learn and the experience of meditation  with others.